“Singing Bulilit ” Amateur Singing Contest


Amateurs singing contest for our Bulilit ( little one’s)

Open to children between the age of 3 years old to ten years old.

Contest will be held at the Manitoba Filipino Street Festival “Tiangge nd Bayan” or Street market day at Maples Multiplex Arena 434 Adsum Drive at 1:00pm on June 20,2015

Cash Prizes for the Winners

1st Prize   $200.oo + Trophy

2nd Prize  $150.00 + Trophy

3rd Prize   $100.00 + Trophy

Children must be accompanied by their parents or guardian.

To register

Please contact: Aida Champagne for more details  Cell:204-960-8530 or email  aidachampagne12@gmail.com





Political party/group participation guidelines


The Manitoba Filipino Street Festival Parade Committee wants the street parade to be true to its goal of presenting a Filipino festival parade, where participants can have pride and fun at the same time, in presenting their province’s colors, culture , costume and dance. This is an election year on the federal level and early spring is the provincial election. With this in mind, we have established the following rules.


  • Any politicians or Political group can participate by walking in the street parade, provided they are in Filipino attire. No floats or vehicles are allowed to be used for any politicians or political parties. Floats and vehicles are only for corporate sponsors and Filipino associations.
  • The parade is not to be used as a venue for making any political statements. No signage, banners, buttons, sashes or clothing of a political campaign nature are allowed. Examples: no “Re-Elect”, “Vote For”, etc. Violation of these rules will result in denial of participation, and removal from the parade. This applies to all parade participants. Campaigning and handouts can be done at the festival grounds.
  • For safety reasons the throwing of candy or favors at or into the crowd of spectators is prohibited.



  • One day sponsorship is available at $500.00 Fee for businesses and political parties.(subject to approval by the Sponsorship and Promotions Com.) This will include setting up of a 10×10 tent, from where promotions and campaigning can be done.
  • Federal and provincial parties are considered as separate organizations and would need to purchase separate sponsorships.”


Participation Contact:

Ley Navarro              204-955-9562    Email: artistawinnipeg@gmail.com

Ron Cantiveros        204-291-2100     Email:ron@filipinojournal.com



Thank you