Manitoba Filipino Street Festival 2nd Parol Making and Group Caroling Contest


Manitoba Filipino Street Festival 2nd Parol Making Contest

Registration and Participation is FREE

Category 1

Home Made Parol Contest:

1. The Parol-Making Contest is open to all. However, only one entry is allowed per person or 1 entry per group.
2. The entry should be a five point star-shaped Christmas lantern made from indigenous and/or recyclable materials ( no size limit)
3. Photographs or video from the different stages of making the Parol must be provided as proof that the Parol was not store bought.

Category #2
Use of MFSF Parol Kits (one size):

1. The contest is limited to the first registered 20 contestants only on a first come, first serve basis.
2. The Parol-Making Contest is open to all. However, only one entry is allowed per person. * Children under 13 years of age are allowed to be accompanied by one adult.
3. Participants are allowed to bring materials, including scissors/cutting tool to decorate their Parol.
4. Parol kit will be sold at $5.00 each (includes: bamboo sticks 16” long, Japanese paper, glue).
5. Parol must be assembled and decorated at the event site, contest starts at exactly 2pm- must be completed by 5pm.

• Twinkling bulbs can be added for illumination, though would not be part of the criteria for judging.

• MFSF will have scissors, glue gun, cutting tools for participants to use.

• Completed registration forms must be received no later than November 24, 2016.

• All entries must be submitted on November 27, 2016, at by 2pm, to be mounted in time for the opening of the “Parol Making Contest.

• Judging will be on November 27, at FSGW Event building at 49 Euclid Avenue. The awarding proper will be done the same day at 6pm.

• The Organizer, MFSF, reserves the right to use the winners’ names and/or photographs for the purposes of publicity, advertising without prior compensation or notice.

• The decision of the judges shall be final and irrevocable.


• Originality – 25 %
• Craftsmanship and use of indigenous materials – 50 %
• Over-all impact – 25 %


Registration and Participation is free

• No age-limit
• Those eligible to join are the following but are not limited to Church Choirs, Associations, Family/Friends Group Caroling.
• Each participating choir should have a minimum of 6 participants – no maximum limit og participants.

General Rules and Criteria
Registrations:Please provide the following information when registering:
1. Name of Choir/Group
2. Name of Choirmaster’s Name or leader to represent the group plus one designated by the group.
3. Name of participating singers.
4. Name of accompanist(s), if the accompanist is not part of the singers
• Please note that those names submitted to the organizers will be allowed to join the contest.

1. Minus one and Karaoke music are not allowed – we encourage everyone to use handheld musical instruments (guitar, violin, maracas, tambourine, ukulele, castanets, spoons, accordio,etc) or sing Acappella.
2. Number of songs to be performed per choir group is limited to 2 constrating numbers (slow and upbeat) and 1 mandatory song determined by the MFSF Christmas Caroling Committee which is th song “Joy to the World”
3. The mandatory song is open to interpretation by all choirs.
4. Medleys are allowed but will count as one of the contrasting songs. The Medley is limited to be 5 mins. long.
5. All songs must be sung in either english or tagalog only.
6. Time limit per Choir to perform all three songs is 15 minutes.
7. Because of the time constraints and to allow all choir groups to perform, we ask that all competitors be aware that should a choir group exceed their time limit of 15 mins. points will be deducted from their final score. (Points deducted will be decided by the Committee.)

Contest Proper:
1. The order of the participating choirs shall be determined by lots, which shall be drawn on the day of the contest, November 27, 2016 before the contest proper.
2. The performances of each choir shall be timed from the start of each song, and shall be paused at the end of each song. Breaks between songs shall not be counted towards the choir’s time.

Judge will use the following criteria for a total of 100%

Tonal quality 30%
Harmony/Dynamics 40%
Choreography/Costumes 20%
Audience Impact 10%

• Please note that the decision of the Board of Judges is FINAL AND IRREVOCABLE.

Parol Contest
(Cat 1 & 2) 1st- $300 2nd- $200 3rd- $100

Caroling Contest
1st- $500 2nd- $300 3rd- $200

We will be accepting non perishable googs/canned food to be donated to Winnipeg Harvest