Parade Participant Guidelines



1. The parade starts at 9:00 and all participants must maintain a forward motion throughout the parade route. There will be no stopping or maneuvering ‐except at assigned locations ‐ which delays the line of parade

2. Stay within the parade area /route.

3. Absolutely no items may be thrown from floats or vehicles in the line of parade. Children dashing for candy create a dangerous situation as vehicle drivers may not see them. PLEASE help to avoid potential accidents by not throwing items into the crowd! Any participants throwing/tossing items into the crowd may be removed from the parade and prevented from participating in the future.

4. Association’s banner is allowed and it is free, you are allowed to promote your association. If the float or banner is sponsored by any businesses, before printing their names in your banner please contact any of promotion/advertising team for approval.

5. There may be no collection or solicitation of funds along the parade route

6. Parade security marshals are placed along the route to ensure the safety of all participants and spectators. Please comply with their requests to ensure a safe and FUN parade. Abide by the Security/Marshals instructions.

7. Do not let children wander around unsupervised or unattended.

8. Do not carry guns, sharp objects like knife, bolo or sword as part of your artifacts or custume as we might be subject to police questioning. Security marshals have the right to confiscate these items.

9. There will be 5 first aid stations along the parade route if first aid assistance is needed.

10. In case of emergency , Emergency vehicle will always have the right of way, move to the right side of the street.

11. Always smile and be respectful to one another. We are here to have fun and celebrate as one community.


12. Any association or group is allowed to have float free of charge to promote their association.

13. All float riders must be seated or otherwise secured for the entire length of the parade.

14. No float containing advertisement of any commercial businesses is allowed to participate without approval from the organizing committee.

15. Float length must not exceed 16 feet and width must not exceed 1 street lane.

16. Every ones safety especially the children’s safety must be a priority and number one concern. Do not let children ride on the float unattended or unsupervised.

17. Float design must not contain object that might cause public nuisance or interference and damage to public property. For the safety of parade participants & spectators as well as the prevention of property damage, items such as silly string, snappers, poppers, etc. are prohibited.

18. Sound equipped entries must not exceed 100 Watts of amplification. Sound should be protected from the SIDES of the float so as not to interfere with other parade participants.

19. To help ensure the safety of float participants and spectators, it is suggested that floats have walking monitors/member of the group beside their float for the entire length of the parade. Association must take responsibility for their own float general safety.

20. Assigned Security Marshall have the right to voice their concern and stop the float if they see any irregularities and if rules are not followed.



• Each association is allowed to get their own sponsors, and no need to pay the Manitoba Street Festival Association of any fee .Make sure you coordinate with the organizing committee just to make sure that business sponsoring your organizations is allowed to sponsor your float/association.
• Each association can perform or present a cultural dance even if it’s not the traditional dance in your native province. Be creative.

21. Each Association or group is encouraged to present a cultural dance, if in case your presentation will exceed 10 minutes allotted time, please let the organizer know in advance so we can plan our program accordingly.

22. Your association is allowed to sell food in your respective tent/area as long as you secure your own food permit from the City of Winnipeg. Your association will provide all necessary tools /equipments for food handling.

23. Each participating association will be responsible to clean and collect garbage in their respective areas. There will be a designated garbage disposal area on site.

24. Please respect the Garden City’s generous donation of their property for the entire day of the festival.The entire festival site is smoke , alcohol and drug free

Let’s all have a SAFE and FUN Festival!



• Absolutely not pegging on the ground for your tent. Use sand bags or hollow block to hold the tent in place.
• Be mindful of the flower beds and plants on boulevard.
• Do not litter or throw garbage on the ground. There will be plenty of garbage cans all over the vicinity.